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Tuftex Nylon Carpet

Carpet is a great choice for home and business applications.  On average, carpet is the most economically-priced of all flooring.  It can be installed with or without cushion and comes in a large number of styles and colors.  We deal directly with the major mills, saving our customers money (Mohawk, Tuftex, Aladdin, Shaw, Queen, and Horizon).  Each mill has a wide selection of carpets in design, quality, and pricing.  Fiber technology is always getting better and we have many carpets with enhanced stain resistance providing extra peace of mind for social parties, young children, and pets.


The preferred choice for commercial flooring needs, carpet tiles are available in a wide range of colors and dimensional shapes.  Quickly becoming the new standard for commercial environments, carpet tile enables the unexpected future repair to be something fast and easy.  If you damage the surface of a tile or two, you can easily replace individual tiles without needing to replace the entire floor.  Though a little higher in cost than traditional broadloom carpet, tiles provide extra insurance for the busy office or commercial environment.


The aesthetic richness and touch of real hardwood is undeniable.  It's warmth and beauty enhances any room.  Solid hardwood can be either sanded and finished on-site or pre-finished at the mill.  And solid hardwood can be re-finished again in the future. Engineered hardwood is constructed with a plywood-type methodology, that is, multiple layers, with the top layer consisting of the preferred hardwood. Most engineered hardwood comes pre-finished for a much faster installation. Engineered planks enable greater stability, for the homeowner preferring the aesthetic of wider-width boards.


Sometimes referred to as hardwood flooring, both Laminate planks and LVP (Luxury-Vinyl Planks) actually have no hardwood in them.  However, these planks can look very much like hardwood and offer some incredible benefits. For pets and sometimes small children, the durability of Laminate can be the best choice (compared to Hardwood).  Luxury Vinyl Tile has a wide variety of styles, colors, and options, including price.  It's no wonder why these two planks are the best selling hard-surface in the industry at this time.  These floors can be installed over concrete.  

ArmstrongCommercialSpice White- 5A056andDarlingGrey5A072.jpg

Sheet vinyl has many benefits for Commercial, Medical, and Industrial applications - including cost.  Sheet vinyl comes in a wide selection of colors, providing a burst of color or warmth to Commercial hallways, bathrooms, and meeting spaces. Hospitals and Clinics will find sheet vinyl beneficial for its rugged durability with regard to the needs of 24/7 medical facilities. Regular maintenance is recommended to extend the longevity and beautiful surface aesthetic of sheet vinyl.  Set two colors in parallel rows, or run a pattern to give your office space, halls, and bathrooms matching colors to your company's brand, or choose contrasting color(s) to individualize different  spaces.


Sourced from repurposed corks and the Western Mediterranean, Cork is a unique and beautiful option for homes, offices, and auxiliary spaces. It is noticeably softer underfoot than hard surface, while still being firm and has excellent water-resistant properties. In the realm of sustainability, from its harvesting processes and repurposing practices, AmorimWise Cork delivers for its communities and the environment, including promoting good indoor air quality, comfort underfoot, natural thermal insulation, and a quieter floor compared to traditional hard surface floors.  This Cork is available in 10 colors and comes in plank size.

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