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Eastside cities and North

Bryce Ferguson

One of the most basic things we do as humans is walk on our home floors every day.  I look at flooring as buying tires for your home - flooring is the surface between you and the structure of your home, like your tires are for the road. Whether you want something soft like carpet underfoot, or a hard surface like hardwood, all surfaces have their benefits and we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products because we know what your family walks on each day really is that important.  The other benefit we offer is the legitimate small business experience. We're family-owned and family-run, to say we really are that committed to approaching each project with care and attention on a very distinct level.  Give me a call and let's see what we can do for you!

Mark Ferguson

Ensuring excellent customer service is my passion.  With 36 years in flooring, it's true that when you call us you're getting a wealth of knowledge about product, process, and installation. I'm proud to have launched Ferguson Floors on the Eastside in 1993 and likewise, to have been an active member of the community since that time. Being a business owner has always been much more to me than sales - it's about people.  It may be a relatively brief visit or a bigger project, but each conversation is an opportunity. An opportunity to share knowledge, show respect, provide encouragement, and be a living example for how business is to be done: with great attentiveness to the needs of our customers.  

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