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Good upgrades during Inflation

Flooring, Interior Paint, or Trim can make a huge difference

We have all seen the incremental cost of almost everything go up in the last two years, which is still on that slow increasing trajectory. So, if you were thinking of big upgrades in your residence or potentially moving and now are planning to hold off, I think many homeowners wonder what is a smart decision if they want an upgrade, but don't want the Invoice for a full kitchen remodel or large scale remodel. Working with many realtors, we understand there are challenges in what to do in almost every situation, but just as often, there are solutions.


Carpet is always the most economical flooring choice when it comes to price for a flooring project. And, thankfully, carpet is still even in this inflation/recession, reasonably priced. If you're wanting an upgrade in your space, and you like the soft feel of carpet, and/or you have infants and toddlers, or adolescents who often bump or tumble on the floor, carpet is a great choice. Many durable carpet styles are also a good price and made from some very hearty and quality fibers, including some basically stain proof fibers. If spilling or pets are an issue in your home, ask us about these incredible fiber carpets. Everything from subtle solid color cut carpets to warmer and cooler colors to patterned designs (shown above). Carpet is an excellent choice, a faster install time, and has weathered the recession of 2023 very well in terms of cost.

Hardwood also, while a higher cost than carpet, is a great investment. We in the flooring industry have seen this price rise a bit (in 2020-2022) and now return to almost the same pricing it was pre-2020. Oak hardwood is the predominant species in Washington state and rightly so, White Oak takes a stain so well, and Red Oak the same. Other hardwood species available include Maple, Hickory, Brazilian Cherry, and some exotic species. If you prefer a wide plank, Engineered Hardwood also has many options in multiple different species, and are moderately-priced. Hardwood is a longer install time, but most homeowners would agree with the industry, in that a hardwood floor adds a significant amount of value to your home and will last for a very long time.

Interior Paint

While we are not paint professionals, many of our realtor friends mention regularly that the biggest worthwhile upgrades in a home are flooring and paint. That, of course, in terms of selling or marketing a home for sale. But, to the human eye and senses, it makes sense as well. Your flooring (carpet, hardwood, or hard surface) takes up every square inch of the floor in your home, and your wall paint (or wallpaper or wood veneer) covers every square inch of all of your walls. Therefore, what the human eye takes in every time you walk into a space, is the walls, and the eye and feet experience the floor. Interior paint as a DIY is a relatively inexpensive upgrade for the difference it makes. Light neutral tones have the broadest appeal, if you're doing it also to prepare for selling. If you're not planning to sell anytime soon, then personal color preference is the ticket for paint selection, and a subtle blue can evoke a nice calming effect, whereas a yellow can be brightening and lively. Many colors have a correlating emotional effect, for some individuals immediately and directly, and for others, subconsciously, but it's there.


Trim may be something you presume is only done at the time of new construction - and, of course, it is - but it can also be done at the time of any remodel (i.e. anytime). If you walk into a neighborhood home built in the 80's or 90's, you'll see the old 1" Honey Oak stained baseboards and door moldings. While prudent at the time, today shows its age, and can easily be updated with purchasing new baseboards and door moldings. The trend online is more of a 2-3" high baseboard today and accompanying moldings. Some will change the aesthetic of a room by adding a wainscot facade to the lower half of the wall, and depending on the color can also change the emotional impact to the space. And, overhead crown moldings - in the timeless truth - still radiate elegance and sophistication to all who enter. Often homeowners will choose to update their trimwork during a flooring remodel whether DIY or by other, but it can also be done at anytime.


The economy never stands still. It always ebbs and floes, sometimes up and sometimes down, but caring for your home is the homeowners responsibility and their satisfaction. Sometimes updates are needed and sometimes they are simply desired. And in both occurrences, one of the great aspects of it all is that there are multiple options for any upgrade, both in price and in color, and if you work with a company with knowledge and experience, they will guide you and help you to make the best decision for you. Find someone who cares more about you and what you want rather than simply numbers. We still do business that way and many others do as well.

Bryce Ferguson


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